Fresh: Cold Days & Dark nights

What’s lovely fam?

Clarity is a rare commodity in hip hop; it feel like we are over run with mush mouth ”artists” we are truly living in the age of “WTF he say” Hip Hop and the uniformed masses are eating it up like the cousins that come  to your house on the holidays to eat all the food and take home plates.  Thank #squad the artist I am about to introduce y’all to is the complete opposite of what has become norm in our current manifestation of hip hop.

I submit for your listing pleasure Cold Days Dark Nights by Jelani Lateef.

Jelani’s music crossed my head phones a few months ago and I have kept him in rotation Clarity of his voice in speech and in message.   Upon first listen Jelani’s voice is so clear that  your only reason for rewinding is to assure yourself that bar you heard was a deep and meaningful as you thought it was.  There is clarity in his message as well; be it a discussion on how hard he hustles or giving us the verbal picture of a love lost to domestic violence.  The man is classic he is what hip hop has been and should remain a lyricist who tells a story …a relateable truth that makes you think/think differently.

Keeping my tradition of giving y’all what I love and leavingto discern your own preferences

…let’s get into it

The Lyrical – this is perfection in my ears I’ve got classic boom bap with a lyricist riding it perfectly. Again there is clarity x2 in this piece… not filled to the brim with metaphors.  Jelani employs a to the point flow that lets you know he mercs this hip hop life. Come at him if you want but be ready to get this work

Flashback– I love this because it showcases Jelani’s ability
to tell a story that covers a relevant issue and feels very personal.  Woman experience some form of domestic
violence at a rate of one every 9 seconds in the US alone in other countries
across the world the rate is much higher.
Jelani tells an all too familiar story from a perspective I have never
seen till now…refreshing is an understatement

Manhood talk– In a time where the term “man” is used in various contexts most often incorrect or applied to the wrong damn person for reasons I won’t detail here.  Jelani gives you the real on what was required for him to be the man that he is today.  He lets you know it’s not all pretty and it def had to be attain the mutha fuckin hard way so do the work before you take the title of man.

Jelani’s work is solid his talent and commitment to the craft of hip hop is all up and through this work.   When you listen past the first time you will note while the subject matter takes you on a ride and tells a story the beats on which they glide is one note and that note is smooth.  In my opinion there should be moments of tension and all out MDK in the music to coincide with some of the songs subject matter.  The work needs drama to hold the listeners interest past the first listen and make thiswork the repeat play classic it should be.

So fam this is where I leave yall…another dope artist from my home state to bless your ears

check out Cold Days and Dark Nights for yourself and let me know what you  think

As always

…its all Hip Hop and Its all LOVE….

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