Vibe N Stuff the recap

What’s Lovely

Last Friday night my town was alive, lit and awash in hip hop culture

Vibes N Stuff was an event curated by my favorite dynamic duo Jus and Snotty of the Highest Low along with DJ Jay Rock. This type of event is rare in our town because it  has a reputation of not being welcoming to the hip hop culture in the past despite the town being 54% non Caucasian.

Hosted by the eclectic Bee-Jay who is an amazing mixed media artists, strong master of beat production and now can now add outstanding MC to his resume.  This event was a beautiful collection of Hip Hop culture

Taking place in a coveted local event space call Two Brothers roundhouse Vibes n Stuff was the perfect kick off the spring hip hop event to prepare for my summer hip hop run.

The Performances were love ..from Tom Moore (love)  to Black Logic (love) to After Ours (fallin in love) to of course the Highest Low(fan girl Love)  it was a  great night.

As always I have video to share but i am breaking from tradition and will let the work of the night speak for its self

My gift to ya’ll …enjoy

Tom Moore

Black Logic

Black Logic x Tom Moore

After Ours:  let me just dip in here and say these guys were amazing …it was just the 2 of them and the music they put forth was so good.  They did a jazzy version of Brit Spears Toxic that had me and my family dancing

The Highest Low


So there you have it my good people the inaugural Vibes n Stuff by the super dope duo The Highest Low.

I am looking forward to their next production …I expect great things and the guys always deliver

As always

…it’s all Hip Hop and it’s all Love …….

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