Auditory Obsession: THE SPACE BETWEEN

What’s Lovely Fam

There is beauty in beats from the boom bap to the smooth and back to the abstract.

Beats are love …emotion…life stories ….the heart that can stand alone or be the frame for a dope song.

Today a collection of beats has been released by Joe Tyse a.k.a. Omega Red
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you “The Space Between”

Known for his smooth approach to boom bap beats and flawless production Joe takes us to a different head space with his solo work. Part cosmic odyssey part ode to love with the balance of what is left that can only be described as other worldly.  There are so many elements to this project so many nuances that can only be caught with several listens
(you must).   Believe it or not but his is his first solo release to the world …I’m glad he picked this work to
bless us.

Let’s get into the work

13 tracks that are gracefully intertwined telling a story that I will not give away …you will have to make your own interpretation.   You could very well listen to them out of sequence because the tracks are that strong on their own however you would miss the message so I highly suggest youlisten from beginning to end.

What I love

– short however beautifully done using the keys from a George
Clinton / Kim Burrell collaboration that is obscure and classic all at
once.  Mathematically perfect

Infinity – Boom Bap coming at you overlaid with trippy keys and abstract sounds
I have much love for this for all the reasons. Take note of the last few
seconds of the song it will serve you well as you continue.

Kill this love – pure genius and completely unexpected from Joe this song
is giving me drum n bass and hip hop and ambient all at once.  So yes
I am here for this track all day it’s actually one of my ring tones

The Imagination of Jackie B – This song is another fav. of
mine I love the way it bops glides and soothes at the same time.  It
invokes cool summer nights cruising on Lake Shore Drive or sitting somewhere with
a great drink and a great conversation


Joe’s goal for this album to paraphrase his own words it to have
The Space Between touch the space between your ears (your brain) and
between your shoulders (your heart).

I would say his goal is accomplished in spades this
interconnected 50 min 8 sec collection is an obsession of the highest auditory order

be on the look out for Talk to the Mic: Omega Red coming soon to


…its all Hip Hop and its all LOVE….

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