The Progression: AWAKE FOREVER

What’s lovely fam?

Awake Forever dropped 2 weeks ago

Ya’ll should have had sufficient time to wrap your head around this work

Let’s get into it ….

Awake Forever is a progression which by definition is a movement or development toward a destination or more advanced state. In the case of the work put forth by Tom Moore produced by the evil genius Nick Arcade the destination is one step closer to being heard with the advanced state being clearly heard in both the bars and production.

Let me take you back a sec to the first drop Awake for Now; a collection of work made for the ones who are on that grind to reach whatever goal sits in their heart. Mad bars that speak of the dark sleepless places, of the eternal push to be heard to the point where you no longer have to introduce yourself. Tom flows effortlessly over production provided by the Bow tied Boss himself Nick Arcade…the layers in the beats created by the evil genius are head nod inducing Sonics that pair perfectly with the dark.

Awake Forever is as I stated the progression from Awake for Now… bars, production and attitude have distinctly shifted up to the next level. Tom still speaks of the #grindlife for those in the know and introduces the uninformed to the life confirming that it ain’t what you want. But Awake Forever is not just about the grind it’s also about a progression of confidence and dare I say stepping into the light. Production wise Nick snaps creating beats noticeably heavy with jazz samples yet he twists them with carnival samples, maddening bells, hard drops… serving tracks with dual beats that come out of nowhere and leave you saying what the fuck?

No joke ya’ll I love Awake Forever as much as Awake For Now and you know that almost never happens with a sophomore release

As is my tradition I am going to give you my highlights …

Mustard Seed- This joint right here is everything . Some may take this track as being braggadocios I take it as “yes that is exactly what I need in my head as I shine above the bull shit.” While they skate I grind and I don’t fuck with people that aren’t on my grind level is what this song says.

Fav Line: I’m saying I don’t fuck with you because I don’t (just bein honest)

Bonus Line: All this pressure pressin down don’t affect me / I’ll feed my ego with substantial stanzas till you get me

In The Beginning – Tom comes hard with the bars and Nick backs him with a grymie beat that bounces you down to your toes. Then the beat shifts and the bars lighten a bit. The beat shifts AGAIN gawd dammit and yet another treat to the ears begins. Who the hell does that?

Fav line: how’s one man plottin on the whole planet don’t talk about it just go God dammit

Outta Control: this is my shit. The beat goes from a sinister slither to a psychotic maddening ringing in the brain. I swear I wanted and still want to slap and thank both of them for this madness.

Fav line : Been wrong of so long it’s like I’m bound to get it right. Riiiight?

Bonus line: Not content until I cut ever single string that’s been tied to my inner being controlling everything

So yea…bottom line …this is dope work that speaks and bangs

If you have not graced your ears with this as of yet … Enroll or get Rolled dammit

… it’s all Hip Hop and it’s all Love ….

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