The Dedication

This site is dedicated to the elements of hip hop; the culture that transforms the DNA of all it touches

It is dedicated to the Mc’s who live underground, that hone their craft to precision, who pushes out fresh work be their voice heard or not

It is dedicated to the producers and DJ’s who provide the frame on which the MC’s rhyme is built, the beat assassins who create the rhythm to which heads nod and bodies move

It is dedicated to the B-boys and B-girls who come with the dopest uprock and aerials who put their bodies on the line with a passion unbound.

This space is dedicated to graffiti artists the scribes of colorful hieroglyphs that tell the story of Hip Hop


This is my love letter to every amazing talented real artist- the ones I know and the ones I’ve yet to meet- who serves at the altar of Hip hop


It’s all hip hop and it’s all love …

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