Honor Roll: Arizona to Illinois

Whats Good Fam?

About Saturday Night …

I kicked off my 2016 Hip Hop adventure at the House Cafe in DeKalb, IL

The Spot-

The House Cafe is a eclectic space with a good sized performance/dance area.   It def screamed COLLEGE HANG OUT spot but not in a bad way; the food and adult bevs were on point.  The only thing that gave me pause was the sound quality but that is nothing new in the live performance vs. venue relationship that said it is def a decent place for Hip Hop.

The Performances

The Honor Roll camp was in the spot deep from Illinois to Arizona they came through and showed strength in their performances.  Let me back track for a second watching how everyone shows love when the others are performing and just the good vibrations that travels between the HRG family in general speaks to their current and future success.

As promised for your prayers to  the deities of your choice for my safe arrival ( they worked) I have video to share

cause caring is sharing and ya’ll family….

The HighestLow with Black Logic- Y’all know how I feel about these guys nothing but love for all 3



Broken Wristwatch-  Nick Arcade and Tom Moore a balance of smooth and gryme.  Most chill and unassuming guys you will ever meet …till they hit the stage…beasts


Jaca Zulu-  First Time seeing this gentleman…he stays lit


Marley B-  First time hearing his work … his flow def appeals to my sensibilities I will absolutely be looking into his work


Johnny Redd and Marley B-  I so regret that I did not get Johnny Redd by himself but the roads were getting bad…so we had to bounce.  Next time he is in town tho …cause: max dopeness



Honorable Mentions

The Alimoe, Steven Lee, The Prescription

i put these acts in honorable mentions because in all honesty I wasn’t feeling their work but I see the potential down the road for greatness. In my opinion there needs to be some decisions made on content and delivery of work.

That’s just my honest

the kick off is official …it was lit …until next time

as always

…its all Hip Hop and its all Love

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