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The purists of the hip hop world often lament the future state of hip hop due to the popularity of rap artist such as Fetty, Tyga and Young thug. The Golden Age is almost physically mourned like one would mourn the loss of the most beloved.  But be encouraged I say for there is hope for hip hop there are young people that require more than just the repetitive empty hooks, nursery rhyme flow and unintelligible words of today’s rap artists.

When these young ones cannot find what they are looking for what do they do? Get up in the spirit of hip hop and create it themselves.

Today I grace your eyes and year with one such person …..Dalty Fresh.

Dalty Fre$h


Dalty managed to catch the ears of my brothers in the real hip hop heads group – not an easy feat since they are a bunch of crusty curmudgeon opinionated hip hop purists who I have all the love for – and has received their rarely given approval.

Read on …

Peace Daltly thanks for taking the time to do this interview if you could please introduce yourself ….

My name’s Dalton Lesh aka Dalty fresh. I’m 17 years old, from a predominantly rural area, Perry County, Pennsylvania.

A rural area huh… so I am going to word this question weird considering the above revelation but…..

What was the best thing about your block growing up?

Well I’ve always lives outside of town, but I’d consider the closest town, New Bloomfield, as my “block”. All my friends and I would gather up at the local elementary school and skateboard through town all day. Sometimes there’d be 15 of us. But yeah, it was nice growing up and having so many homies that had similar hobbies with me in such a rural area. And the Uni-Mart always had the hook ups on cheap pizza

Nice! Since you grew up in a rural area what do you do for fun besides practicing your craft of course…

When I’m not rapping, I’m either at the local skate park or chilling with my girlfriend. But there’s always some rap music playing in the background haha!

How long have you been rapping?

I got bored on a snow day back in eighth grade and was just sitting in my room. I accidentally downloaded the instrumental to Tyga’s track “Faded”. The beat came on and I was like I should see what I can come up with so wrote a little verse for like an hour. I showed a friend of mine a few days later and he encouraged me to keep going and here I am now three years later.

Now let me take a pause for the cause for a hot minute … he said eighth grade…ya’ll caught that right? That means he has only been doing this for maybe 3-4 years…he did not grow up in the golden age like most of us crotchety hip hop purists….but his flow though ….read on ..

Who are some of your influences?

The Beast Coast movement has had a huge influence on my music today. The Underachievers are definitely my biggest inspiration. Other influences besides Beast Coast.. I’m into Mac Miller, Clear Soul Forces, a little bit of Outkast, some Toro Y Moi, Denzel Curry, Bishop Nehru, and my fellow Vo$ group members. they have all had an influence on my music in one way or another.

What is the coldest verse you ever heard?

That’s a tough one.. either Ak of the Underachievers verse on My Prism, Joey Bada$$ verse on Survival Tactics, or Kool Keith’s first verse on Critical Beatdown back in the late 80s.

What is your Favorite hip hop memory?

My favorite memory with hip hop would probably be me and my homie coming home from school the one day and listening to Get Rich or Die Tryin’ all day. We were only in third grade but we were feeling it.

We shall not judge the young man’s taste in music during his fledgling years ….We. Shall. Not. Judge .. old headz we shall not

What is your Best Hip hop experience?

My best experience I’ve had with hip hop was definitely my first little performance I had itwas at my local skatepark. We were having a skate competition that day and the dudes that were hosting the contest brought two of their homies with them from a few hours away that rapped. They brought amps and speakers and mics and everything. Everybody was telling me to get up and rock the mic so I went up and talked to the dudes and they said it would be dope if I did. So I performed my verse on The Crash Bandit Kids and my track We The People before I even released them but yeah everybody showed me love so it was tight and definitely one of my best experiences.

What made you fall in love with hip hop?

I think I fell in love with hip hop because it’s an extremely versatile genre of music.  Some claim it’s all the same but I highly disagree. It’s easy for me to relate with hip hop, especially all of the kids my age that rap about their personal life. I can vibe with it, and relate to what they might be going through. From the beats to the lyrics, it just always had my head boppin’.

Alright family that is part one of the interview …part 2 will post up in a couple of days

I will see ya’ll then …same boom bap time same boom bap blog

…. It’s all Hip Hop and it’s all Love ….

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