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I am back with part 2 of my interview of Dalty Fre$h who reps PA well and gives us hop for the future of hip hop. If you have not read the first part of my interview I suggest you do so because: context.  I am not going to recap part 1 for ya’ll because ya’ll are grown and so am I.  What I will do is urge you to read part 2 and listen to some of Datly’s work to understand why we think he is dope and should get props for what he  does

Dig in and get to know more about Dalty Fre$h…..

Was it love at first listen or did hip hop have to grow on you?

Hip hip was definitely love at first sight. My mom bought me that Get Rich or Die Tryin cd when I was in like 3rd grade. That was probably the first time I was ever really exposed to hip hop music and I've loved it ever since.

How do you feel hip hop is changing do you feel it is going in a good direction?

Hip hop is definitely changing every day and evolving. I believe it’s in a very healthy state in the underground. A lot of people trash talk mainstream rappers and everything, but I vibe with the music. I learned to drop expectations so I can appreciate everything being put out today. So yeah I’d say hip hop/rap is still alive and well.

Any hip hop guilty pleasures?

Oh man.. I have a few. Can’t front I listen to a little bit of Fetty Wap and Future on the low.

— — – ya’ll remember what I said ….no judgment lol


Back to your work…tell me … What was the first song you recorded?

The first song I ever recorded was We The People back in May of 2015. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just hit the record button, rapped the verses and hooks straight through in one clip, hit save and posted it to YouTube. It’s still up, but it sounds horrible. The sound cloud version is a lot crisper.

What has been your most challenging piece so far?

Definitely my first project, Telepathic Evolution. I spent over a year writing and then recording it until I released it on soundcloud on 9.23.15. I hardly had any music out so I didn’t know how it would be received. Also I was new to recording so it was pretty hard for me to get the hang of it.

What is your favorite piece so far out of the 3 collections you currently have on SoundCloud currently?

It’s hard for me to decide, honestly. As an artist I truly enjoy my own material and I think that is a vital part of it all if you really want to go somewhere with it. But if I really had to choose, probably my Freshman project. I have a lot of good memories tied to that one.  Freshman Vol. ll will be a thing in the near future..

Tell me about the producers you worked with on the Freshman project 

On Freshman, I have two tracks produced by Flamingosis, a dude on soundcloud that has incredible beats! I originally found the beat used on ’98 Nostalgia through the play  similar track feature on soundcloud. I heard the jazzy, slightly nostalgic vibe, and instantly fell in love. That was part of the vibe I wanted on Freshman. The day I heard that beat, I wrote and recorded 98 Nostalgia. It had a completely different sound from all of my other unreleased songs, so that was the track that made me come up with the idea of making a little project with that nostalgic, yet wavy sound. The first three tracks have a more wavy, trippy, uplifting vibe, but I wanted the last three tracks to have a melancholy sound. P.Soul, a producer on both soundcloud and YouTube, is the producer of my track Outcast. P.Soul has been one of my favorite producers for a while now, and I have a few other unreleased tracks that he produced.. Other producers on Freshman include Harlow, Giovanni, and Pirooz Beats, some other producers that I’ve been listening to for a while now.


What is the coldest verse that you have written?

Oh man.. either my verse on my track Dunce or my first verse on A Matter of Perspective, depending on which mood I’m in.

What can we expect from you in 2016?

I have a three projects I’m working on at the moment. I don’t want to give away too many details, but one is a collab tape with my fellow Vo$ member Nate $wank which we hope to have out by the end of this summer. But there is definitely going to be a lot of music added to my soundcloud page this year. Also I'm featured on a few dope tracks waiting to be released.. Oh and also I’m planning on buying some better equipment/software for my home-studio set up.

Before I let you go…. represent your people …….Tell me about Vo$

Victims of the System, stylized as Vo$, is a group of friends/hip hop collective that I’m apart of. I was scrolling through the Capital STEEZ facebook group and saw this kid Nate $wankhan share one of his tracks and I listened to it and thought, woah, I need to hit this kid up to collab. So I sent him my track The Lost Soul, off of my Telepathic Evolution mixtape, and he was in to it. Telepathic Evolution was dropping in like a month and I had this song with an open verse so I got him to spit a verse on it, September 23. After the song was recorded he told me about Vo$. Nate is from Brooklyn. Him and his friends started the group and he told me he wanted me to be a part of it and I was so hyped on that. I also featured K!NG Indigo on my track The Crash Bandit Kids. Nate liked his verse and his soundcloud page, and he was adopted in to Vo$ as well. My homie English, featured on my track Parallel Universe, we started out as a duo when I was in ninth grade. We called ourselves Lost Souls, but it eventually died out and we decided we wanted to focus more on our own music for the time being.  Well Nate wanted him in Vo$ as well. Nate's close friend from Brooklyn makes beats under the name March5th1998, he's like an OG Vo$ member. But on the musical side of hip hop, Vo$ consists of Nate $wank, March5th1998, K.I.N.G.R.O.N., K!NG Indigo, OGOF Thurro, English, Jo$h, and C1 $peaks. We all have unreleased collaborations at the moment, and we all have projects due to drop this year, so stay tuned. We have a lot in store.

Where can people find your work (besides sound cloud)

I’m like in full support of soundcloud at the moment. All of my music will always be on soundcloud, but I have a few of the tracks uploaded on YouTube and datpiff. MyYouTube account is D-Leshis, my datpiff account is daltyfresh.

Let me end this by saying the young gent is cold …there is so much talent in him that it boggles I have been all through his work and I am not disappointed in the least which is a thing I rarely say about any artists in the hip hop community these days. Dalty mos definitely has promise and ability to give all us crusty golden age hip hop seniors hope for the future.

Till next time

….it’s all Hip Hop and its all Love ….

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