Auditory Obsession: Discontent by Tom Moore


What’s lovely!

2017 has begun and already I have high hopes for it being a vast improvement (musically) over that year that should never be spoken of again.  My optimistic outlook is in large part due to the recent work of my favorite artist Tom Moore.

Now if you have been with me for a while you know I am a major fan of Tom and his music.  You could say he is the reason why return to hip hop moved from a tumblr blog to a website.

But I digress lets get into the work shall we?


A 4 track EP offered by the aforementioned Tom Moore native of the Chi, speaker of all things that those who grind can relate to.  This project is unique in that he departs from his usual producer the ever fresh and freakishly talented Nick Arcade to work with Banks the Genius.  The change in producers was a surprise however after listening to Discontent I understand.  

Lyrically Tom is as on point as he always is with his flow and content.  He still speaks of the endless grind of improving self and moving forward in a world and industry that shows no love.  While keeping pace with the theme of his other projects Awake for Now and Awake Forever … Discontent has a slightly different tone.  In Discontent we get insight into where the depth of Tom’s lyrics come from what makes him push so hard to be successful.

Production wise Banks the Genius provides the classic boom bap with overlays of jazz and 60’s pop guitar samples.  His choices are well thought out and fit with Tom’s flow that I thought was only achievable by his predecessor.  While I love the whole project  Daydreaming is by far my favorite; the sexy sax sample on the track and Tom’s signature story telling of his grind life… PERFECTION.

To sum it up Discontent is def worth your time, it is an instant Auditory Obsession that you will and should keep in heavy rotation.  See the #soundcloud stream below and decide for yourself

as always and till next time

…. it’s all Hip Hop and it’s all Love…..

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