Auditory Obsession: Black Logic’s XIII

What’s lovely

The work I bring ya’ll today required thought not because not because I am struggling to find the good in it …on the contrary …it is so good I am having a hard time holding myself back from drowning ya’ll in words that extol the greatness of this work


What work do I speak of? Black Logics Xiii of course


Member of the HRG ( Honor Roll Gang) camp Black logic has been around for a min you can go back to 2012 and reference his L.O.V.E. album if you need a starting point to understand why this work is an impressive progression of the artist.  He is a lyrical crush because of his ability to speak truths in the bars he creates he is at a level your favorite rapper can only dream of achieving.  

XIII is Black Logic giving us a visual into his mind and life at this moment.  In it we are able to see the growth from where he was in 2012, the state of his universe now and the plan for where he will be in the not so distant future.  Before I get into my top songs on the EP let’s talk about the production choices made on this work for a minute.  This project has a good mix some of my favorite producers such as Omega Red, Nick Arcade and OneToKnow and well as introducing me to new producers that I have yet to meet.   The tracks on which his bars ride are well chosen and take us as listeners on the perfect ride of bounce vs. chill; all the while giving us something unique that you won’t find in mainstream production.


As per my usual I’m going to give ya’ll my favorites as always with every auditory obsession I encourage you to live in it and find your favorites. 

Verbal AK Spray

This is Black Logic’s statement piece to all the suck ass rappin ass rappers on the radio, corner, stage.

Noted Bar(s):

What’s a Champ Low brother without crown in his cup/ been had this crown atop my hair/sucker mc’s in my cross hairs/ Dare ya to make a dumb move racking bodies with one groove/ Art of War Sun Tzu got all you people askin Who Shot Ya?

Bars so cold the Ice God’s bow down to him.


Art of Life

Everything you would ever want to hear as an artist working to have your art seen/heard.  As a bonus another lyrical crush and auditory obsession alum Tom Moore joins Black Logic on the track.

Fav bar(s):

Black Logic: I sling poems they sling stone I use to build a pyramid in Egypt/ big enough to eclipse all my worries and hide all my secrets

Tom Moore: Trying to stay inspired for a lifetime/ touching every thing that I can grasp when I write lines

When worlds collide (favorite artists working together ) life is great



The eternal internal struggle …sometimes you gotta be your own spark to keep it movin

Fav Bar(s):

My mission to inspire but some day i don’t got it only human/ strive for balance demons is banished/ clenching planet now with both hands/ applying lessons that I am learning from the old headz.



This is just some of the blessings you will find on this project I highly suggest that you hit Black Logics bandcamp.  Slide the brother some of your coin in tribute or not because he lets you choose a $Free.99 blessing …but im saying be about that support life

Im out till next time  as always

….it’s all Hip Hop and it’s all Love …..


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